We know how to code!

Besides inventing interactive websites and softwares, we know how to implement this.

HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript experts

HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript is second nature.

Knowledge of multiple platforms

At Anaxus Infotech, we have experience with different programming languages. Our preference is ASP.Net, but we also able to deliver in PHP platforms.

Always the best developer

At Anaxus Infotech, we work in fluid teams.
This allows us to enable the most appropriate programmer for every job.


Portal Development

A web portal is most often one specially designed Web page that brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way. Usually, each information source gets its dedicated area on the page for displaying information; often, the user can configure which ones to display. Variants of portals include mashups and intranet "dashboards" for executives and managers. The extent to which content is displayed in a "uniform way" may depend on the intended user and the intended purpose, as well as the diversity of the content.

A portal may use a search engine API to permit users to search intranet content as opposed to extranet content by restricting which domains may be searched. Apart from this common search engines feature, web portals may offer other services such as e-mail, news, stock quotes, information from databases and even entertainment content.

Online Payment Gateway Implementation

Online payments working through a payment service provider, also referred to as PSP. We can link the portal to several PSPs as CCAvenue, EBS, Google Checkout, Paytm, PayU, etc. Most PSPs offer virtually all payment methods, but you can also deploy only a PayPal link (not for India).


The most user-friendly CMS

With a CMS (Content Management System), it is possible to customize your website itself. No unnecessary annual or monthly maintenance costs, but maintain your own website.

We give you CMS ready Portal

We have developed own custom designed CMS. With a custom CMS, you only get the features you need and not any unnecessary burden that other standard CMS and offer. The simple layout and operate very user-friendly. Fully built in javascript CMS and consequently rapidly.

Other implementations also possible

Would you prefer to use another CMS for your website then that is also possible. Anaxus Infotech works with fluid teams. This allows us to quickly engage a specialist and provide a solution for your needs.